Our Solutions

For 15 years, Mercados – Aries International (MAI) has developed Business Intelligence solutions with their own personality and whose value is recognized by our Clients:


Merum is a software solution for the optimization of OPEX and CAPEX in utilities. It is a multi-parameter software  with algorithms and models to reach the optimum.

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SCADA Solutions

SCADA Systems present a detailed set of information that involves from general values to monitored values of single items, in a fully customizable and secure way.

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SUNCASTER® is a MAI in-house web solution development that offers solar radiation and other weather variables  data estimated from satellite images and reanalysis data set.

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Spatial Load Forecasting

Spatial Load Forecasting – (SLF) is a computer-aided tool to forecast the geographical behavior and expansion of the power demand over the years.

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ORDENA® is the MAI in-house developed tool to determine the optimal schedule of generation, transmission and fuel infrastructure investments in the given area.

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