Policy, Regulation
& Strategy.

Mercados – Aries International advisory enables the analysis and development of a fair and suitable framework for the development of the markets and transactions.

Preparing the Markets and Major Players for future challenges

Energy transition requires strong improvement of the regulatory framework and strategic decisions to maximize the benefits of the new energy paradigms.


Countries ‘Sector Reforms’
We have undertaken the reform of more than 30 countries along different continents.

+ 8

Planning and Modelling in > 8 World Regions

Balkans, the CIS Region, EAPP, South East Asia, SIEPAC, Andean Community, SAPP and MENA among others.


Supported Transactions for 5,000 MW of Power
Providing Regulatory and Forecasting inputs.

Regulation Development

Mercados – Aries International (MAI) have extensive experience in the development of country and regional restructuring and legislation. Introduction of modern sector structures is one of our core business during the last years comprising proper institutions and governance as well as regulations from primary until tariff development.

Economical Studies & Analysis

Mercados – Aries International (MAI) have extensive experience in the development of economical studies and masterplans. By using the sophisticated proprietary tool Ordena® and the know-how of our experts, MAI is able to long term forecast and optimize (up to 50 years) the situation of the energy sector by combining multiple quantitative and qualitative variables and technologies alongside local knowledge of the regulation.

Transaction Advisory

Mercados – Aries International (MAI) have extensive experience in supporting different transactions in the energy sector. Our skills for sharp Due Diligences and strategic support has allowed us supporting worldwide different stakeholders willing to secure their investments and projects, including (but not limited to) transactions between private parties, privatizations up to the development of modern Auctions Schemes for Renewables.

Infrastructure Financing Advisory

Mercados – Aries International (MAI) have structured the necessary funding for energy sector projects. Likewise, MAI have been managing several financing facilities, in particular for the promotion of Renewables and Energy Efficiency Projects.

Retainers and Capacity Building

Mercados – Aries International (MAI) have a pool of experts that can provided long term support to utilities, investors and institutions to deal with regulatory and financing aspects. From continuous support to the decision-making process to preparation of financial recovery plans, a wide range of services can be tailor-made for the customers.

Mercados – Aries International (MAI) is fully committed with the human development and it’s able to prepare and deliver ad-hoc Capacity Building Programs. Several activities are undertaken during the year in our premises where Clients can not only learn from the specificities of the program but also interact with other experts that are present in the same location.


Networks & Storage

Preparing for the Network of the Future

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Renewables & Sustainability

Sustainable Energy for Today and Tomorrow

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Facing Tomorrow.

More than 100 professionals supporting our clients to make their projects come true.

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