SCADA Solutions

Product overview

Mercados – Aries International have a long experience in design, implementation and operation of SCADA systems related to renewable energy monitorization.

They allow the organization of on-site data into different nested screens for remote monitoring and control of plants.

SCADA Systems present a detailed set of information that involves from general values to monitored values of single items, in a fully customizable and secure way.

Some successful implementations are:

  • GUATEMALA: Repowering of Horus I-II 50+30 MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant, located in Chiquimulilla.
  • TANZANIA: Kigoma 5MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant.
  • URUGUAY: El Naranjal 50MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant, located in El Salto.
  • BRAZIL: Agropoulo 3MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant, located in Pindoretama.

Relevant experience has also been acquired a in battery storage SCADA control, with Projects like 20MW Solar PV Plant With Batteries Storage in Hawaii, involving the integration of Power Plant Controller (PPC) and BESS Controller in SCADA.

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