Technical, financial and economic feasibility study for the reinforcement of a Jordanian 400 kV power transmission corridor

Mercados – Aries International provides assistance to the European Investment Bank (EIB) / NEPCO (Jordan’s power transmission company).

The generation plan for Jordan includes a significant amount of new generation coming on line over the next 10 years or to be imported from Egypt. The effect of these new generating plants on the transmission system power flows may be translated into the requirement for a reinforcement of the high voltage south-north transmission corridor to transmit power to the load centers in and around Amman.

In this context, the purpose of this technical assistance operation is to elaborate a technical, financial and economic feasibility study on the reinforcement of the high voltage, south-north transmission corridor, analyzing alternative strategies and technologies, and recommending the most appropriate solutions. The Feasibility Study took special attention to the interconnection requirements in the context of the development of national and regional electricity patterns, and included activities to prepare the implementation of the Project, including cost estimates, time phases for the various elements of work, procurement plan, preparation of design and engineering documents and preparation of tender documents to allow an open international bidding.

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