Study Tours for Several Customers from Tanzania, Ukraine, Ghana and Tajikistan.

Mercados – Aries International organized “study tours” for several customers, including power distribution companies, operators, utilities, associations and commissions.

The main target of this Study Tours is to gain an understanding of the power market in Spain, and more specifically, of the power transmission, distribution and retailing activities, with particular emphasis in addressing a list of topics and issues that can be useful for being applied to the power sector in different countries, such as liberalization of the power sector and regulatory framework, tariff methodologies, regulation of quality of supply, third party access, remuneration of the distribution activity, etc. 

In order to achieve this goal, Mercados – Aries International organized a series of round tables and technical meetings with regulatory authorities, professional associations and utilities in Spain. Mercados – Aries International was in charge of the design, organization and coordination of the training program and institutional and technical visits. Preparation of a report with summary of the Transmission Study Tour, options discussed, and recommendations adapted to the customer.

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