Micro Hydro Power Plants Development-Water in Pakistan

The assignment aimed to provide support for the design and implementation of the Access to Clean Energy Program which objective is to increase access to energy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Punjab in Pakistan by taking advantage of the clean energy resources in these provinces, which will ultimately bring economic growth in these remote areas of Pakistan

There are several targets including:

  1. Install micro-hydropower plan (community or commercial-based) in rural off-gird area of KPK.
  2. Establish mini-grid power.
  3. Implement off-grid decentralized solar or other renewable energy solutions in KPK and Punjab.
  4. Pilot energy efficient initiatives in Punjab.
  5. Develop a conductive legal and regulatory framework that regulates off-grid electrification and encourages private sector investment in KPK and Punjab.

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