Wholesale Metering and Transmission Reinforcement Project Implementation in Tajikistan


wholesale meters installed


km of new single circuit conductor


MVA rated capacity

Barki Tojik aimed the installation of approximately 1,100 wholesale meters and settlement system and the construction of approximately 95 km of new single circuit single conductor 220 kV transmission line interconnecting Rudaki and Ayni Substation with rated capacity of 320 MVA.

Mercados – Aries International acts as Project implementation consultant for Barki Tojik and is responsible for:

  • Project management and administration.
  • Support during bidding process (bid specifications, technical evaluation and reporting in line with ADB and Government of Tajikistan procurement procedures).
  • Assuring the effective design and engineering input.
  • Support to comply with ADB’s Safeguards Policy Statement 2009.
  • Contract management.
  • Financial management.
  • Quality control of materials, equipment, systems, software and communications
  •  Effective management of works and installation, testing, commissioning, handover and guarantee.
  • Capacity enhancement of Project Management Unit​.

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Sergio Galarza

Sergio Galarza

Unit Director

Jesús Barriuso

Jesús Barriuso

Head of Consultancy

Germán Nieto

Germán Nieto

Head of Transmission