Second Power Transmission Project – Procurement and Project Management

Mercados – Aries International works on the Second Power Transmission Project (PTP-2) in Ukraine, and general Scope of Work for SPTP includes the following:

  • reconstruction of electrical substations by replacement of obsolete and comparatively worn-out equipment to be replaced with up-todate state-of-the-art technologies
  • installation of 20 MVAr reactive power compensation devices (shunted reactors) on 35 kV bus bar for five substations in western regions of Ukraine
  • smart grid
  • balancing market
  • information management system for UE

Company’s objetive is to assist and support UE in all phases and tasks required under the Project, in order to achieve its objectives. These activities include establishing the details for Procurement of Plant Design, Supply, and Installation; preparing the procurement plan for SPTP; drafting complete sets of bidding documents for package UE/4 «Smart Grid»; clarifications of technical, contractual and other questions raised by the bidders; assistance in evaluation of bids “; permanent monitoring of work implementation and other activities.

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