Providing Assistance for Tanzania Rural Electrification Expansion Program – Treep


 MUSD budget


Million target costumers


km of MV lines


 km of LV lines

Mercados – Aries International is providing assistance to REA and TANESCO in carrying out all associated duties including the overall management and supervision of the program. In particular there would be 2 parts as follows:​

  • Part I: Assistance to REA and TANESCO in supervision and commissioning of all contracts in progress related to the 27 out of 29 lots awarded for the electrification of settlements within 10 km of the existing 33 kV MV networks. Apply corrective actions when needed and gather lessons learnt necessary for Part 2.​
  • Part 2: Mercados Aries will undertake all phases of the program including feasibility studies, procurement of contractors, supervision of works and commissioning tests of completed works, for investments within 40 km of the MV grid, settlements that are within 10 km of feeder lines constructed are also be included in the program.​

A particular aspect of this project is the highly dispersed nature of the electrification schemes that are to be planned and constructed in various regions (25) of mainland Tanzania.​

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Luis Cases

Luis Cases

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Jose Ignacio Alcón

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