Power transmission utility sustainable development in Ukraine

Ukrenergo is a state-owned company in charge of the operation of the national electricity transmission network.

Within the reform process of the power industry in Ukraine, Mercados – Aries International provided advisory services to corporatize Ukrenergo and strengthen its institutional capacity and sustainability.


In particular, the Mercados – Aries International assisted the National Energy Company Ukrenergo to:

  • undertake an extensive study that includes recommendations on possible steps towards legal and commercial corporation of Ukrenergo with economic justification of corporatization.
  • introduce modern management information systems assisting the utility in addressing corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues that may arise from day to day operations.
  • help the new entity address and implement corporate sustainable development strategy so that the entity would drive the supply-side energy efficiency improvement and high industrial standards in Ukraine.

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Sergio Galarza

Sergio Galarza

Unit Director

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Germán Nieto

Germán Nieto

Head of Transmission

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