Optimizing the power generation plans in Kazakhstan

Software for the short-term modelling: DigSilent
Software for the long-term modelling: MAI’s proprietary software Ordena.
Four possible development scenarios were proposed
Principal stakeholders involved: Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC)
Ministry of Finance, Samruk Kayzana, Various IPPs

Least cost generation plan for Kazakhstan

Under the USAID-funded Power the Future Program, MAI prepared a least cost expansion plan until 2040. The result was a strategic vision for the development of the Kazakh power sector, with clear understanding on the costs of assumed environmental policies and commitments, defined optimal investment plans in generation and transmission infrastructure, and necessary policy measures for the proper implementation of the development strategy. Four possible development scenarios were proposed: a green economy, an optimistic scenario, and two basic scenarios with local and international fuel prices. The in-house ORDENA model was used aiming at minimisation of power system investment and operation costs.

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