Energy Integration in Latin America

Energy integration in Latin America is a primary objective to achieve sustainability and energy security in the region; however, a number of barriers have impeded the development of infrastructure works that will allow the materialisation of such integration.

To this end, CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America, intends to update the regional energy integration map with a development horizon to 2040, to identify opportunities considering the complementarities among subregional/bilateral energy resources, as well as fomenting energy security in the region through a better use of resources in a sustainable and clean manner.

Mercados – Aries International has been contracted by CAF to perform a regional exercise on the best investment decisions in power generation in the entire Latin America region, as well as to develop, from both an interregional and a national perspective, the action lines for a transition towards a truly regional energy integration, identifying and assessing in detail some of the projects that should support such development strategy with a view to 2040. The study encompasses economic, technical and legal / regulatory analysis, at both country and regional level, and the results are obtained through simulations performed by MAI’s proprietary ORDENA model.

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Sergio Galarza

Sergio Galarza

Unit Director

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Germán Nieto

Germán Nieto

Head of Transmission

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