Enabling wind projects and emissions reductions in Egypt

250 MW

Instaled capacity: 250 MW


125 turbines type G97


Turbine hub height of 71 m


20-year PPA to EETC


Emission reductions of 12,600,000 ton CO2e over the projects’ lifetime of 21 years


Contributes to Egypt sustainable development goals- reaching 20% of renewables by 2022

Capacity Building on Wind BOO PPAs

The MAI PRS team designed and delivered a 2-week training course on the commercial, technical, financial and legal aspects of Wind Build, Own and Operate projects Power Purchase Agreements, for the Egyptian Transmission System Operator, EETC, in Cairo. The training included also the organisation of a 2-week study tour in Spain for EETC’s top management, one on liberalised markets and, the other on wind power plants operations. The programme enhanced the ability of EETC executives in implementing complex PPAs for RE projects, more and more frequent in Egypt’s ambitious RE Development Program.

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Leonardo Lupano

Leonardo Lupano

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Luis Villar

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