Enabling more renewables and better electricity supply in Cape Verde

Advisory Services to Elaborate the Cape Verde Smart Grid Roadmap

Cabo Verde has set ambitious targets for renewables alongside improving security and quality of service. There is a consensus that adopting Smart Grid solutions is the key towards energy transition in the country.
For this reason, a Smart Grid Roadmap has been developed by AF Mercados, to coordinate the stakeholders’ visions and activities for Smart Grid deployment strategy, including the following services:

Analysis of current status at power sector, including utilities, regulations and telecommunications.

Proposing a vision for Smart Grid initiatives in the country.

Development a short, medium and long-term roadmap for Smart Grid implementations in the country, including concrete actions and responsibilities, together with a monitoring and evaluation framework.

The Project has finished with the development of a complete set of project fiches for high priority Smart Grid deployments including detailed cost-benefit analysis, implementation plans and the result evaluation KPIs.

Smart Grid activities

The set of Smart Grid activities has been developed and prioritized according to the following criteria:


Technological Smart Grid initiatives to provide solutions to the identified problems in Cabo Verde (based on the technology variables detected in country’s current status)


A set of Island clusters has been defined to identify the applicability of the Smart Grid initiatives for different islands, mapping the technology solutions to the clusters according to the different needs


The Regulatory requirements to facilitate the implementation of the technological Smart Grid initiatives have been defined and shared with the Regulation entities


Other factors, like organizational requirements of the national utility company and social participation, have been analysed and shared for their parallel implementation for the smooth transition to the Smart Grid initiatives proposed

Also, a series of discussions and capacity building activities has been developed with all stakeholders, to assure the optimum information diffusion and the best future Project development

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Sergio Galarza

Sergio Galarza

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Germán Nieto

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