Dominican R. Master Plan & Power Loss Reduction

Under the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funding, Mercados – Aries International was assigned to undertake the “Distribution System Master Plan and Power System Loss Study for the Dominican Republic”.

The main goals were the following:

  • Elaborate an investment plan for the works needed to undertake the power distribution system expansion and loss reduction.
  • Assure the power demand according to market growth until 2030.
  • Assure the security and reliability of power system.
  • Assure an efficient development of the power system which complies with quality regulations fixed by the regulatory agency.
  • Propose a methodology to determine technical and non-technical losses.
  • Prioritize the investments proposed for the grid expansion projects.
  • Review the methodologies applied in the power loss reduction plans in order to obtain more sustainable results.
  • Assure the sustainability and low environmental impact of the best options.

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Sergio Galarza

Sergio Galarza

Unit Director

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Germán Nieto

Germán Nieto

Head of Transmission

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