Mercados – Aries International keeps on working under the Energy Security Project (ESP) Umbrella, developed by USAid in Ukraine. ESP aims to enhance Ukraine’s energy security, improve the energy legal and regulatory environment and increase the reliability of the energy supply to support sustainable economic growth.  

The new project, focused on the natural gas sector, aims to optimizing the gas distribution networks operated by the Ukrainian distribution utilities (DSOs), starting with a pilot with Kyrovgrad, one of the Ukrainian DSO. MAI’s objective will be to identify the assets that are subject to be decommissioned, substituted or rehabilitated, and study the financial feasibility of the associated investments, with a view on potential financial sources.  

This project will lay the grounds for future projects related to the preparation of Network Development Plans of the Gas Distribution Utilities, in which we expect to participate as well. 

The project runs from October to March of 2021 and will contribute to strengthening the successful on-going cooperation of MAI with TetraTech for their USAid funded projects in Ukraine and Central Asia.