Owner´s Engineering Services for Titan PV Projects

Considering the huge experience of Mercados – Aries International in Owner´s Engineering services in PV Projects around the world, GALP has signed with MAI a contract to develop these services in Spain for Titan Project Batch 1 with a total of 285 MW PV Plants (including substations and transmission lines): Alcazar I, II and III, Perea & Vegon and Manzanares.

The scope of works comprises, among others, the revision of the EPC Contract, PPA and O&M Contract prior to execution, the revision of the quality aspects of the Project and above all the supervision of the main contractor’s staff activity on sites (verification of construction progress, control and checking of materials and resources utilized on the construction sites, technical review of the plant ensuring that the solar plants comply with the quality and standard requirements (MC, COD, PAC), etc.), for which MAI will have mobilized a management team on site (20 pax.) to satisfy all these requirements.

MAI is a pioneer in utility scale photovoltaic power generation, having completed the IPP and EPC tendering process and supervision of the construction, start-up and O&M of several projects. Furthermore, MAI has performed Technical Advisory, Detailed Engineering, and Turnkey Services for more than 12,000 MW of PV solar power plants all around the world.

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