The Energy Sector Roadmap, approved by Cabinet in October 2017, casted a vision to modernize the energy sector for a New Gambia, and move towards 24/7 access for all Gambians. As part of this Roadmap, the Government of Gambia has secured financing from the International Development Association (IDA), European Investment Bank (EIB), and European Union (EU) to undertake the implementation of the first utility scale hybrid solar system (PV+storage) in the country, alongside a reinforcement of the transmission system of the Greater Banjul Area and the construction of the National Control Center for the electric system of the Gambia. This project will link to the OMVG (Gambia River Basin Development Association) 225 k transmission line, currently under construction, that will allow the Gambia to be interconnected to its neighboring countries, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.

The project will consist of a 20 MWp solar PV plant and 8 MWh battery storage and a 33 kV evacuation line. This project will be complemented with a new 225 kV transmission line between the two main power plants in the Greater Banjul Area and associated infrastructure, such as substations and the National Dispatch Center (NDC). MAI has been appointed as Owner’s Engineer to act alongside the National Water & Electricity Company (NAWEC) supervising the Design, Supply and Installation of the aforementioned projects.

Further to this endeavor, NAWEC has extended the contract awarded to MAI to also cover supervision of the Design, Supply and Installation of the 30 kV MV Backbone medium voltage lines, together with the low voltage network and substations connecting Banjul with part of the Upper River, Central River and North Bank Regions. This electrification project will lay about 485 km of MV lines covering about 275 communities of the inner regions of The Gambia, in an effort to increase the Gambian population’s access to affordable and reliable electricity services.

With the implementation of these projects, MAI confirms its solid commitment to a clean energy transition in the energy sector and its support to the development of renewable projects throughout the world.