In the framework of the Project Cost minimization and Revenue maximization in Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and after the Inception phase, the Coordination Committee activities have begun lately.

They aim for the smooth development of the analysis phase of the Project, to assure it successfully ends by December 2020, overcoming the challenging situation created by the COVID-19 health crisis and establishing an optimum interaction structure between Mercados – Aries International´s Consultants and EEP’s counterparts.

The objectives of the Project are the analysis and optimization of key processes and activities within the Company (Generation, Transmission, Corporate), the proposal of solutions for the Cost minimization and Revenue maximization and the maximum transfer to capacitate EEP Employees.

Our Company has an extensive experience in the energy sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, currently implementing various projects in the region, despite of challenges occasioned by the COVID-19 health crisis. If you want to get more information on this project or other opportunities in the region, please contact our focal person Natalia Okinchuk.