Mercados – Aries International is a recognised global leader in energy consulting. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions for all client needs within a sustainable vision, focusing on three key areas:

  • Policy, Regulation & Strategy
  • Networks Studies
  • Renewables & Storage

Our 20+ years of experience in the industry allow us to leverage our knowledge and resources to provide governments, private clients and donors with strategies and solutions that can successfully guide them towards energy transition and resilient development, employing new technologies for a low-carbon future.

Our Services in Energy.

Energy Economics.

  • Economic Analysis & Regulation.
  • Tariff Calculation & Design.
  • Subsidy optimization.
  • Demand Studies.
  • Master Planning.
  • CBAs.
  • Litigation Support.

Business Strategy.

  • Ordena® Modelling.
  • Power Market Price Forecasting.
  • Dispatch Optimization.
  • Investment Assessment.

Regulatory Consulting.

  • Restructuring and Unbundling.
  • Legislation Development.
  • Renewable Auctions.
  • RE & EE promotion.
  • National & Regional Power Markets design.
  • Energy Strategy.

Capacity Building Programs.

  • Study Tours.
  • Ad-hoc Training.
  • Institutional Development.
  • Financial  and Economic Due Diligence.
  • Regulatory Due Diligence.
  • PPP Design.
  • PPP Contracts.
  • Equity & Project Finance Structuring.
  • Technical Due Diligence.
  • CAPEX & OPEX Assessment.
  • Long Term Prices Forecasting.
  • Yield Assessment.
  • Incomes Forecasting.
  • Technical Analysis.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Litigation Support.
  • Mitigation Measures Support.
  • Lender Technical Advisor (LTA).
  • Independent and Owner’s Engineer.
  • Tariffs Technical Studies.
  • Loss Reduction Plans.
  • Assets Management.
  • Capacity Building.
  • Solar & Wind Resource Assessment.
  • Power System Studies.
  • Grid Codes Development.
  • Energy Mix Optimization.
  • Development of Bidding Documents (RFP, Contracts).
  • Tendering and Contracting Support.
  • Project Verification.
  • Owner’s Engineer (OE).
  • Independent Engineer (IE).
  • EPC Management.
  • FIDIC Engineer.
  • Lender’s Technical Advisor (LTA).
  • Full Engineering Design Review.
  • Construction and Commissioning Supervision.
  • Witnessing Factory Acceptance Tests .

For 15 years, Mercados – Aries International has been developing stand-alone Business Intelligence solutions whose value is recognized by our Clients:

  • ORDENA® is the MAI in-house developed tool to determine the optimal schedule of generation, transmission, and fuel infrastructure investments in the given area.
  • MERUM is a software solution for the optimization of OPEX and CAPEX in utilities. It is a multi- parameter software with algorithms and models to reach the optimum.
  • SUNCASTER® is a MAI in-house web solution that offers solar radiation and other weather variables data estimated from satellite images and reanalysis data set.
  • CORVUS is a MAI in-house developed tool to optimize the Energy Mix with Battery Energy Storage System.
  • SCADA design, implementation, and operation of SCADA systems related to renewable energy monitorization.


Besides the above MAI has the following Data Intelligence & Modelling:

  • PVSyst, WAsP, windPRO, iAuditor, Calcutta, DigSilent and Spatial Load Forecasting (SLF).
  • E&S Impact Assessment (ESIA).
  • E&S Action Plan (ESAP).
  • E&S Monitoring.
  • Mitigation Measures Support.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Equator Principles.
  • IFC Standards.
  • Assets Sustainability Assessment.
  • Capacity Building Programs.
  • Advisory on management and enhancement of performance of utilities.
  • KPI development and monitoring.
  • Resilience Analysis.

Facing Tomorrow.

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