Study Tour for NAWEC Gambia

Our Renewables and Storage Unit (RENS) has been leading an important project in The Gambia over the last year and a half, as owner’s engineer for the Gambia Electricity Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP) whose main objective is to increase the Gambian population’s access to affordable and reliable electricity services. Likewise, our Networks Unit (N&S) […]

Introducing Private Sector Investment in Utility-scale Solar PV energy

The EBRD has entrusted Mercados-Aries to act as advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan on the high-level design of a scheme to add utility-scale solar power generation through private sector participation, developing recommendations for a scalable model. This project comes to further expand our involvement in Tajikistan’s […]

CESEC’s region potential for renewable and low-carbon infrastructure development

At Mercados-Aries International Aries we are thrilled to have been selected in team with Grant Thornton Greece by DG-Energy to provide a detailed overview of the potential of the Central and South-Eastern European Energy Connectivity (CESEC) region for the production and consumption of renewable and low-carbon gases. This project runs within the framework of Lot-2 Economic […]

Revenue Requirements Project – Mozambique

We are happy to have completed the final step of the Revenue Requirement Study project with a formal training course on Revenue Requirement, Tariff setting, and Financial modelling delivered to the Energy Regulatory Authority of Mozambique (Autoridade Reguladora de Energia – ARENE) and Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM). The objective of the said training, provided to […]