Feasibility Study for Green H2 and Ammonia facility in Morocco

We are very pleased to be the Technical Advisor for the development of a 1 million Ton Green Ammonia project that has the aim to generate Hydrogen (H2), with clean energy. The facilities will be located in Morocco and will be fed by several types of renewable energies (wind and PV) as well as having […]

Project Implementation Consultant for Wind Plant in Uzbekistan

We are expanding our renewable energies operations in Uzbekistan by acting as Project Management Company (Owners’ Engineer) for a new Wind Power Plant with a 500 MW capacity. As Project Implementation Consultants we will ensure the proper execution in terms of quality and schedule of the approved detail engineering as is erected on site. Furthermore, […]

50MWp PV Plant in Tanzania

We are happy to have the opportunity to continue providing consulting services to several stakeholders in Tanzania after our 15 years of History in the country. We have recently been contracted as Technical Advisor to update the design for a PV project in Iringa. The Solar PV power plant will have a capacity of 50MWp, […]

Solar Resource Assessment in Ireland

Our Renewables team is carrying out an Independent Solar Resource Assessment for the development of a number of PV projects to be located on the Eastern and Southern Coast of Ireland. This project will help to evaluate the suitability of the sites as it takes into consideration multiple variables such as irradiation, ambient temperature, and […]

Market Consultant for Pumped-storage

We have been selected by a private investor to act as its Market Consultant during the bidding process for a pumped-storage hydropower plant in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Our international market experts, using our in-house ORDENA model, will evaluate the economic viability of the investment by providing long-term forecasts and market insights of the […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our clients, colleagues, and friends who celebrate this festivity!

New study tour implemented

We are happy to have successfully implemented a Study Tour in Turkey with the objective to provide of qualify training as part of the services provided as a project implementation consultant for the “Power Sector Development Program” for Tajikistan, financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Managers of OJSC STB Shabakahoi Taqsimiti Barq, an Electric […]

Ordena H2

The energy sector is in constant adaptation and change becoming Hydrogen and transport key factors.  We are currently working on the improvement of the ORDENA® model to also consider H2 producing technologies and different H2 demands with different price elasticities. You can read more about this project here.