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Our Key Values

Global Proximity

Worldwide international challenges
Local deep knowledge

Our Key Values

Committed to Transition

Enabling Framework
Renewables, Storage
Human Development

Our Key Values

Client Oriented

We empathise with Client’s targets

Our Key Values

Experts in Leading Tech

Floating PV
Bifacial PV
Stochastic Models
Smart Grids

Our Key Values

High Quality Expertise

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ISO9001, 14000 & 45000
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An in-house web solution development that offers solar radiation and other weather variables data estimated from satellite images and reanalysis data set.

Facing Tomorrow

We want to pass on to our children a world where sustainable and affordable energy is available to everyone for an efficient use. We contribute to that goal delivering tangible results with a human and dynamic perspective. Facing tomorrow.

We are International and locally active

We have successfully delivered projects over 120 countries. We do support our clients’ needs internationally, no matter where they are. And we do it because we enjoy it.

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